Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Paths: Kitchen Dispatch Reaches The Final Post

Every writer knows that you have to end a book at a high point.
Anything beyond that is extraneous writing that serves little purpose.
I wrote to the end of this blog a long time ago, and should have closed the book then. I think I've covered a lot of material on this blog --all of it was fresh and new to me, offering me a second life. I'm very appreciative of what The Kitchen Dispatch has done, who I've met, and where it has led.

There remains a lot of new information to be mined and explored about war, the  aftermath of war, building communities, and finding that elusive thing --peace in all its forms.  And doing it in a way that is personal to me, without a lot of politicizing and always with an eye to some literary or artistic way to express what's happening. As chaotic as the world has been, I hope this blog has offered a slice of calm.

I thought of turning the blog private. But there's a lot on here that my kids might someday want to mine through. And there is a lot here about a good friend, and a great time --Tim Hetherington. I'd like people to read about a very exciting time in his life (Restrepo), and so it will stay open, though without comments so I don't have come back and moderate. But as for all things Tim, he's still the inspiration behind the wheels of WarRetreat.

Sequels are difficult and not recommended. I am toying with an more visual approach --photos, videos, focused on the issues I've mentioned above, though always with a way that bypasses the political wheezing, the hrummphing, the overfed gluttonous gasbag, and goes for the heart of the matter like your personal sniper.

But this trusty blog, this wonderful terrain I climbed to years ago, has reach its natural conclusion. The peak has been reached, and the flag planted.  From here I can see all things related that have yet to be tread upon, picked up, examined, sorted and commented upon. A new adventure! So let the wind whip the flag, gather up the camera, my wits, pens and the pads, signal to the little mule that's been along for the walk, and let's start down the mountain though taking a different route. There is no timeline, no set destination. But with humor, an open mind, the path is always a fine one.
Thank you for coming along.